Friday, July 17, 2009

Crayon Rolls and Clipboards

Back of Hannah's Crayon Roll

Hannah's Crayon Roll filled up!

Crayon Rolls Rolled up

The back side of Mikayla's Rollup

The front side of Mikayla's roll up

I have been on a "roll" in the creating department lately. I saw these online and wanted to try making them. They turned out pretty cute. The vinyl kinda made the fabric a little wonky but they will work for trips and such. I made one for both Hannah and Mikayla. I think when I make another I will either put vinyl on the front and back or just do felt. It will be just as cute, I'm sure!

I've also been making altered clipboards for my sister. I have 9 almost finished and one more to do! They are so cute. Still need to sand them, mod podge and add some extra to them...I think they will be cute!

All the paper measured and cut out.

Every thing glued and pockets for the back mod podged.

Tomorrow I will work on finishing them up!

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  1. the fabric you used for the crayon rolls is wonderful... where did you get it from? the rolls' themselves are wonderful... great blog by the way!