Sunday, July 12, 2009

Crafty weekend

Headband holder

I made the blue flowered headband to match a skirt I made Hannah.

I have been a busy girl this weekend! Chad let me shop all by myself Saturday and I hit the new Micheals. I also shopped Hobby Lobby and some other stores.

I bought material to make the girls crayon rolls, backseat organizers and my niece's birthday dress.

I can't wait to get started on all those. I had some other things I wanted to work on this weekend...and I got to most of it.

I am so excited to have made 2 skirts this past week. I have 2 skirts that I dearly love but not how they fit when I sit down and stand I searched the web for a tutorial to make my own. I have found that I really like a tutorial over a pattern...even if it means creating my own pattern.

So far this week, I have made two patterns...the one for my skirts and the one for the backseat organizer. I am still working on the organizer pattern trying to decide whether I want to include a pocket for the DVD player or make a separate holder for that.

The last few weeks I've been working on some headbands for the girls. I will try to post photos of those sometime this week, along with the skirts I made.

Today, I made a black skirt, some cute clipboards and felt barrette's (with Mikayla's help). I also threw together some quick headbands for the girls.

Felt Barretts

Bandana Clipboard

Green Funky Clipboard-Back

Front of funky clipboard

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