Thursday, July 16, 2009

Backseat Car Organizer

In my heart of hearts, I love to organize. In my world of chaos, that rarely happens. I found a tutorial online on how to make these. So I took the idea and tutorial and quirked it up a bit to fit what we needed in our car. I love it! I am adding elastic to the bottom to keep it up against the back of the seat. I cut squares out at the top to put underneath our headrest (I have to take off the headrest off and put them back on to put the organizer on-easy peezy!)

I made it out of black twill. (Bought it at Hobby Lobby with my 40% coupon-yay!) So it was about $5 for a yard an a half (making another one for my Annalise's birthday).

The material I used to make the pockets was something I intended on making a skirt for me but I cut the pattern out the wrong way. I think it will look better on the back of the car seats than the backside of my!

It took a while to fold and pin all the pockets and get it just the way I wanted it...but it is so the way I want it!

I have a pocket for their drinks (for traveling), their DS, DS Charger, Markers on the top row and on the bottom a place for their DVD's (and a pocket on the front for their DS games) and coloring books or regular books (and a pocket on the front of that for their crayon roll(next on my list to make.))

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