Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mikayla's Birthday Dress

She was so sweet to wait til we got back from Florida for me to make her dress...she was very understanding. So here it is with headband and all!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The girls bags they made for friends

Going home

Our family made our first trip back home since everything last summer. My anxiety level was at very high levels. When I arrived....everything came rushing back to memories of last summer. It was hard to face it. Here...I can keep from feeling the pain of loss...but was in my face and I had to face it.

I failed to live in the Spirit as I had really hoped I would. I wasn't prayed up or Bible fed like I should have been and I know that had everything to do with it. My flesh overcame me with aggravation, irritation, anxiety and stress.

I wanted to be different, but I didn't take the steps necessary to prepare. I am thankful that my family was understanding and My God is forgiving and gives me a new start. I want a new start. I want to heal from these hurts and pray that God will help me do this. I know that God needs me to move on so I can serve Him and my family like I should. Praying for His healing!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Autumn's New Diaper Bag!

I bought this decorator material on mega sale at Hancock's! I bought a yard and paid $3.00 for it! I loved the green polkadots. I used part of a bedsheet to make the lining with pockets. Now I just have to embelish it a bit!

Our flowerbeds...boy how they've grown!

New Pillowcases for our living room

The black and white pillow is the new pillow case for 2 of our pillows in our living room. We are changing things up a bit and going with a black and white theme. I still have to repaint our lamp from red to black but it is shaping up nicely!