Thursday, September 23, 2010

2010 Brand New School Year

Where has the time gone? It seems to be the theme around this blog. I can't believe I haven't blogged since January. It's October....what have we been up to? Whatever it must have kept me off blog world for a while.

We've been keeping up with school. We even schooled some during the summer. I me crazy...but what else are the kids going to do when its 105 degrees outside. I'd rather let them do school during the summer and let them play a little more in the fall and spring.

Well, get ready for some updated pictures....hopefully the picture walk will take you through what we've been doing all year!

The big girls played tennis this year. They loved it! Of course, Autumn had to have her own racket too!

Science Fair Projects: Mikayla doing the Water Cycle, Hannah doing Mummification (of a hotdog). 3/10

Art Fair 3/10 Hannah's Koala bear watercolor, Mikayla's Jar Watercolor and Charcoal

Hanging out at the Zoo with Abigail.

Making an Eco System so we can live on Mars. (Studying Mars in Apologia Astronomy)

Fieldtrip to Birmingham to the American History Village. Here we are choosing which George we want to run our country. King George or George Washington.

Our American History co-op that went to the Birmingham Fieldtrip

It's snowing....Fun in February....what better way to spend a cold day at home!!!

Mrs. Sharon showing us how to sew. We love Mrs. Sharon and have fun learning at 4-H.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Black eyed Susan's from the garden 2010

Our Flowerbeds 2010-Early Spring

While the heat has taken its toll on our beautiful flowerbeds, this year was a beautiful year to look out our back window.

Lots of New Things!

So I've been a little busy this year, I guess too busy to post. Lots of new things, I've made. I've been inspired by all you crafters and sewers out there! Usually the things I make end up being gifts because its so fun to give handmade gifts. Sometimes, I am able to sell a few things. That helps us so much while we are on our homeschooling journey. If anyone is interested in any of these items for purchase, let me know!


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