Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mikayla's Baptism

Listening to Mrs. Jennifer read Mikayla's testimony.

So proud of my sweet Mikayla today! It was the most awesome Children baptism service. Pinelake does a New Beginnings Class for children that want to ask Jesus in their heart. It is four weeks long and it involves making sure they know what kind of decision they are making and how to become a disciple.

Today was the culmination of the class. Her baptism. They told us that the parents could join them in the water, so Chad went while I had Autumn and Hannah in the audience. I didn't know but they let the parents baptize the children (Chad is an ordained deacon, but Pinelake's stance is just being a Christian, follower of Christ allows one to baptize). This was the most precious thing ever! A daddy baptizing his little girl...his sister in Christ. It was beautiful!

They all were able to take the Lord's supper and they clearly explained how the ceramony was a time to remember what Christ has done for us and examine our own lives and confess any sins we many have before partaking.

After this, we had a reception for all who were baptized and they awarded each child (who was baptized) a certificate of baptism and a beautiful Adventure Bible with their name on it, to start their journey getting to know who Christ is!

An exhausting day, but a beautiful one! We are entirely blessed!

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