Monday, September 14, 2009

New-New Diaper Bag

So...the new diaper bag that I made for Autumn has a huge ink spot on it...don't ask me how it happened...but of course, I had to make a new one for her. With a plethera of black and white zebra fabric left, I decided to make her one out of that.

I am the queen of recycling, so I found a pj top that I didn't wear and used that to make the lining. My sweet friend, Cristy, helped me figure out how to do the applique. I had also read a few tutorials on how to do this so between all of that, I figured it out.

I made little pockets inside for her milk and wipes box...they turned out good as well.

I think it turned out cute. Hannah suggested I make it smaller than the green I took her suggestion. I think it is better that way...not so much to lug around and not so much to try to look through and find what I am looking for....

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