Monday, June 29, 2009

May Creations at our house

Hannah's easy peezy ladybug dress. I just had to measure her, stitch up the back seam and add some ribbons to keep it on her...too cute!
I made this shirt out of one of Chad's old shirts that had shrunk up on him (short wise). Autumn looks so cute in orange and white gingum!
These were some "HOLY" jeans that Hannah did NOT want me to cut off...but they were very sad looking. I convinced her to let me put some trim on the they are a favorite pair of her shorts...too funny!
So, I LOVE the idea of switchflops but just haven't sucked it up to buy a I am thinking...why can't I make a pair...seems easy...well I am sure her first prototype didn't go so well either. At least these are still presentable...I just need to make some different ribbons to switch them out!

Autumn's pillowcase top with ruffled pants. I love the coordinating springy! Click Here for more info on this!
I had to just try this for the DS case. This is from an old pair of Chad's jeans. It was originally for Hannah but she didn't want I gave it to Mikayla...she was super excited about it...then Hannah wanted it back...go figure!
My Attempts at switchflops. Love them...not the price!
Hannah's Bandanna pillowcase top for the Hoe-Down at summer camp. I made a matching one for her friend that she went with. Click here for more info about this top.
Another cutting of our plants pretty.

I was a busy girl in May. I had a lot of ideas and things I had to put together...when I get a bug...I am just about!

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