Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Birthday time for my little niece

Snowman Themed Skirt and Shirt outfit with headband and totebag to match.

The shirt with the yo-yo on it came at a light bulb moment and the rest of it just spilled out as I looked at what fabric I had left to play with!

It's Christmas come early! With a late October birthday, what's better than a great Christmas outfit! This definitely is crying out for some funky tights to go with it!

Still looking for a cute top to use for this skirt..Should I applique...should I add y-yo...hum??? What to do!!!

I am so excited to make one of my sweet niece's her birthday present this year. I've made her two twirly skirts. One I still have to get a shirt to go with it but the other one is all finished and looks oh so cute!

I found a tutorial on how to make a twirly skirt and just had to make it! Don't all girls love to!

Hope you enjoy!!

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